My First Prints

After six months of digital-only photography, I finally went to the local CVS and made some prints and framed them. The first was this photo of an Eastern Blue Bird (Sialia sialis) at Eno River State Park in Durham, NC.  This photo was taken with a 6-inch astronomical telescope:

The second was this in-flight photo of a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodius) at Jordan Lake in NC, which was shot with an 80-400mm ED zoom lens on the Nikon D50:

The third was this close-up photo of a Great Blue Heron on campus at Duke University (at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens) using the same lens as above:

For the fourth print I ran out of frames and instead just packaged the matted print in cellophane:

Finally, I took a quick snapshot of my handiwork all collected together.  This shot was taken using my 55mm f/2.8 macro lens, again on the D50:

The frames and matting and other materials were all purchased at the local Michael's art-supply store.  The 8x10 prints were made using the automated kiosk at the local drug store.  Total time for printing and framing was probably about 3 hours.

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