Brandy Comes Home!

Or: "Kelsey Meets Her Protegé"

April 23, 2011

How to Bring Home a Little Monster

Step 1:

Put puppy in travel crate.  If puppy poops in travel crate, let her ride on the floor of the passenger space.  Do not be distracted if she stares at you.  She'll soon fall asleep and remain quiet for the remainder of the three-hour trip.

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Step 2:

Introduce puppy to the home and the resident dog.  Give her time to acclimate to her new Kingdom.  (And her new Kong, her new tennis ball, and her new stuffed piggy).

Step 3:

Let the puppy have some fun outside.  If she annoys the hell out of the resident dog, don't blame the resident dog for baring a few teeth.  Also, don't be too harsh if the puppy mistakes your shoe for a toy.  (Even when it's still on your foot).

Step 4:

At "beddy-bye" time, lock the puppy and the resident dog into the same room together.  If you sneak up on them twenty minutes later and find that they're (miraculously!) sleeping together, you can pop the champagne.  Mission accomplished!


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