A m e r i c a n   G u i t a r i s t
B i l l   M a j o r o s

Waterfall (2016)
Overture (2010)
Quietus (2003)
From First Flight To Last (2007)
Ice Palace (2002)
Lord of the Skies (2007)
Winds of a New Day (2007)
Beyond the Horizon (2007)
Lost in Translation (2005)
Melting Point (2002)
Carol of the Bells (1993)
Patapan (1993)
all instruments performed by Bill Majoros

New Guitar Album ~ MIRAGE

Big City Carnivore
Electric Cowboy
Dark Horse
Rattlesnake Canyon
The Phone Call
Sudden Distance
River of Stars
Blue Moon Avenue
Into the Light


Featured Song
Rainbow in the Dark
Vocals by Miriam Pace
Pirates of the Caribbean
Vocals by Christina Morris
Sleeping Sun
Vocals by Miriam Pace
Slaying the Dreamer
Vocals by Christina Morris

Dead Men Tell
No Tales

Neoclassical Guitar
Life on the High Seas
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Morning Glory
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Tell No Tales
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Queen Anne's Revenge
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
The Dark Frigate
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Eye for an Eye
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Mortal Embrace
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Hoist the Skull and Bones
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)

Fallen Comrades
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)

Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)

Liberty or Death
Neoclassical Blues
The Quick and the Shred (2003)
Nice & Easy
Redshift (2003)
Sweet Secrets
Redshift (2003)
Alignment (2002)
Spirits from the Deep
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2003)
Big Blue
Ambient Guitar
Alignment (2002)
Lord of Sorcery
Progressive Metal
Elvenfire (2005)
Fire at the Gates
Progressive Metal

Alien Abduction
Trajectories (2002)

I Shred the Sheriff
Quick and the Shred (2004)

Lady Worshipful
Trajectories (2002)

Jekyll and Hyde
Sleepless in Pompeii (2002)

Scandinavian Summers
Trajectories (2002)

Liquid Sunshine
Alignment (2002)

Into the Belly of Jupiter
Sleepless in Pompeii (2002)

Sleepless in Pompeii (2002)

Never Easy
Trajectories (2002)

The Stretch
Redshift (2003)
All instruments performed by Bill Majoros, except where noted otherwise.

Scenes from the Crusade (2005)

Gods of War



Mirror, Mirror

Ashes to Ashes

Land of Omens

Fire at the Gates
Lord of Sorcery
   I: Storming the Tower
   II: Incantation
   III: Hour of Doom


Crystal Fate
Celestial Prophesy (2004)

Celestial Prophesy

March of Doom

Against the Gods

The Dragon's Breath

Die by the Sword


Sign of the Times

Sacred Flame

Strange Eyes

One Destiny

Older Guitar Songs
Swinging with the Monkey (2002)
The New Republic (2002)
The Slippery Slope (2002)
Sunriser (2002)
Neutron Cappuccino (2002)
Shooting Stars (2002)
Out of the Shadows (2003)
The Moment (2002)
Agent Infrared (2003)
Flight of the Falcon (2002)
Imminent, Part 1 (2002)
Imminent, Part 2 (2002)
Palace of the Maharajah (2002)



Prime Source:
The 1991 basement tapes

20th anniversary CD edition (2011)
Remastered from 4-track analog cassette
1. Origin
2. Pathfinder
3. Phosphorescence
4. Oasis
5. Too Many Good Ways to Skin a Cat
6. Shades
7. Azure Above
8. Prime Source

The basement studio on 8th street in Perkasie, PA, in the early 1990's.
ALSO FROM 1991 - Prog Metal featuring Rich Cuce on vocals:
1. New Horizon
6. Beyond Reality
2. Future
7. Stand Alone
3. A Warm Wind from Hell
8. Mystified
4. Sorrow 9. Infinity
5. Frozen 10. Red Skies
AND FROM 1990 - Hard Rock / Metal: (vocals by Tom Deck, drums by A.J. Galluppi)
1. Blown Away
4. Your Nightmare
2. Goodbye
5. Remember
3. In the Night
6. SPC99
AND EVEN OLDER... (with A.J. Galluppi, Andy Lawler, Paul Kendikian, Shawn Gilmartin)

1991 - The Twilight Ride
1989 - Code Blue 1986 - Destiny Calls
1991 - White Rabbit
1989 - Storm Brewing 1986 - Live Down Your Name
1991 - Duskwood
1989 - Napoleon Premier 1986 - By the Old Bell Tower
1989 - Oh Christmas Tree
1988 - The Dirty Dozen 1985 - Piano/Guitar Duet
1989 - Cross the Line - live 1987 - Torch (band improv) 1985 - Open Up Your Eyes
1989 - Autumn Rain 1987 - Preying Mantis 1985 - Wailing Out


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